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Tycoon City: New York – Game Recommendation


I have been recently playing a great and somewhat addictive game that my girlfriend had bought some time ago and now gave to me as a gift. The game is Tycoon City: New York. As I have been enjoying this game so much I decided to write a Game Recommendation for it.

Tycoon City: New York is a PC exclusive game that was Developed by Deep Red Games (Now DR Studios) and published by Atari. It was released in February 2006.

The game centers around constructing buildings that represent different types of businesses, making these profitable, growing your financial empire and forming what is New York City. The gameplay itself is very addictive and you will always want to play a little bit more to unlock new types of buildings and see what new opportunity may show.

Tycoon City New York Intro

Your mission will be to construct all that represents the city of New York.

Build New York City in Tycoon City: New York

Like I said before the main objective of the game’s campaign will be to build the city of New York. Every building that you and those competing against you build will give shape to the city and make every district unique. You will start on a small district called Greenwich Village and you will not have all the types of buildings available. You will need to start somewhat small businesses that will start making money flow to your account. Then you will need to start upgrading these buildings so that they attract more people and so that every customer is satisfied.

The more money you make through the customers that will come in your businesses the more buildings and more expensive buildings you will be able to construct. You will also be able to build and improve landmarks such as parks, plazas & even monuments spread throughout the city.

Here’s a video of the game’s tutorial and first minutes of gameplay:

Tycoon City: New York – Type of Gameplay

The game is a mix between an strategy game and a sandbox game. As there are so many games from the Tycoon franchise and others that follow the same mix, this type of game has a genre of its own, most commonly referred to as a Tycoon Game, similar to what’s seen with the Metroidvania genre.

The game will allow you to build and shape the elements that form the city but it will not let you modify the layout of the same. Even when playing on the “open” sandbox mode. You will need to analyze the needs and wants of the citizens to be able to determine what type of buildings you need to erect and how do you need to improve them. If you don’t take a strategic approach then you will simply construct a lot of non-profitable buildings that will not help you grow your empire.

The main campaign of the game presents a story mode that will give you “opportunities” to complete and you will unlock buildings and districts as you complete these. There will be side opportunities that are not needed to progress through the story but that will give you either money or upgrade points that you will need to make your buildings better and more appealing to customers.

Here’s a video of how the game plays as you complete these different opportunities:

Your Own Living City

This city is alive. You will not be the only one constructing buildings and looking to build an empire. There will be other tycoons also constructing buildings and businesses that will compete against yours. You will also need to analyze what they are doing to avoid constructing business that will fall against theirs. The city itself will also construct buildings of their own, although these don’t normally tend to be business and are more apartments, tenements and buildings for people to visit rather than to buy from.

The citizens of New York will also evolve and will want different things at different points of the game. If you have a business that is currently giving you a lot of profit, then this doesn’t mean that it will always continue to give you those earnings. If people change their needs then the business may not be that relevant to them anymore and when this happens you can even consider selling out such building before it becomes a drag.

Here’s a video of how the game will evolve and how you will unlock different districts:

It’s Like Legos on Steroids

After I played this game for a while I couldn’t help but to remember when I was little and how I used to play with Legos and construction sets a lot. This game is very similar to that experience. Playing Tycoon City: New York it’s like playing legos that where given steroids.

Tycoon City New York - Living Citizens

Your citizens even enjoy of participating in parades, events, concerts & more.

Why Do I Recommend Tycoon City: New York?

This is a simple game with a not so simple game mechanic. It has a lot of elements to it, so by no means it can be considered a minimalist game. Regardless of this, it is a game that can be enjoyed by pretty much anyone. The game has a very easy learning curve and you won’t even need to exploit all the available game elements in order for you to progress through the game and be good at it.

Some may consider it a casual game, but even if you see it like that, there’s no denying that the game is very fun and can even get to be addictive. It will not take you long before you complete the campaign, but I promise you that those hours will be well worth it.

Play It Yourself

Personally I got the game in a physical format and I’ve been playing it from its CD. But the game is also available on an easy-to-get download format on Steam and Gamer’s Gate. So be sure to get it, play it yourself and let me know what you thought of it afterwards.

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