Resident Evil 6's Art Gallery Snapshot

Resident Evil 6 Art Book


Not too long ago I posted a Review for Resident Evil 6. As I said in it, this game wasn’t really the game I was expecting when I purchased it, especially because I always have high expectations for Resident Evil games. I also mentioned in that review that one of the few aspects that made it worth it for me to have pre-ordered  the game was that I received extra content thanks to this. This content included a Resident Evil 6 art book for all the creatures that you face in the game. I included a gallery showcasing the different pages of the art book in this review but I felt that this deserved more exposure and prominence. This is why I decided to do an article just for the art book. Here is the complete art book in a manner that I think will be easier to visualize. Be sure to click on each image to see it bigger and better:

Even though this game was not the best in the history of Resident Evil, it is still worth to see the time and effort that was placed into the design and creation of characters & creatures. You can truly appreciate this more by both playing the game and checking out the Resident Evil 6 art book. If you want to find out more of the game and see videos of its gameplay, be sure to check the review that I wrote for it. Also don’t forget to let me know your opinion on the design and concept for the creatures in this game. In case you want to down­load the orig­i­nal PDF from where I took the images, here’s a link to it: Resident Evil 6 Digital Art Book – PDF Thanks for reading.