Game of Thrones Ascent

Game of Thrones – Ascent


As promised, I wanted to do a review of every video game that is based on the universe of a Song of Ice and fire/Game of Thrones. So, continuing with these video games that take place in Westeros I now bring you a review for Game of Thrones – Ascent.

This video game was developed to be played in Facebook and then was released to iOS and Android devices allowing connectivity with your Facebook account. The game is a casual strategy game that plays entirely with a point-and-click mechanic but not like what is seen in other games like I Have no Mouth and I Must Scream, but a rather more simplistic one.

This game was developed by Disruptor Beam and it was initially released as a Beta on February 2013.

In Game of Thrones - Ascent you will take control of a lesser House of Westeros and take it to glory.

In Game of Thrones – Ascent you will take control of a lesser House of Westeros and take it to glory.

Plot Behind Game of Thrones – Ascent

In the game you will take control over a lesser home of Westeros and start in humble beginning while you start acquiring vassals, constructing important building that will allow you to have more citizens living in your keep, soldiers sworn to you, spies working for you and so on. You will also need to pile up on resources to be able to keep everyone happy and to construct even more key buildings.

As you do this you will be able to take on quest and side-missions that will give you more resources and help you gather more allies. The more you get of each, the closer you will be to becoming one of the most recognized names in Westeros and to win King Robert’s favor.

The game will play in a set of chapters that you will unlock as you upgrade your keep. Several buildings and units allied to you will be needed to continue to new chapters and to unlock the game’s story. Building and hiring units will take time but you will be able to speed up certain parts if you have the right resources.

Here’s a slideshow with the images that play the intro of the game:

How Will Your Ascent Look and Listen?

The game has a good aspect, you can notice how every background, unit drawing, building design and so on, was carefully crafted. At a simple glance you can see that there was a lot of effort placed in the game design and that there still is, as the game continues to receive new updates with new missions, characters, buildings and so on. The game has good music too, considering that it is just an Android game, you won’t really get bored of just listening to the same background music and the same tune over and over again, this aspect can obviously be improved, but by comparing by other similar Freemium games, it is not bad at all.

Some other features could be great, but considering that it is a free game, then it is understandable why they are not included. But if the game would have some voice acting and perhaps some animated scenes, rather than just still images, then the experience will be greatly improved.

Here are some screenshots so that you can see how the game looks:

Your Ascent Will be Slow and Boring

While I praised the way the game’s audio and visual aspect I can’t really say anything great about its gameplay. I’m used to playing Freemium games, some like Clash of Clans, Injustice – Gods Among Us, Boom Beach and hell, even Candy Crush. So I am used to the fact that with these games you play for a while and then you wait before you can play a bit more again. This makes them great to waste some time and specially for those games you play while you are in the bathroom. But Games of Thrones – Ascent just feels overdone, waiting is not even fun, with Clash of Clans I can do some things while I wait, with Game of Thrones – Ascent, you can, well just wait and it’s not like you will wait for some minutes or anything. Even the most basic upgrades will take hours and I stopped playing when I saw some that will take days. You won’t just wait for upgrades, you will first wait to produce the resources needed for an upgrade, that will give you the resources needed for an unit, that will allow you to produce the resource needed for a building. Did I loose you? Great that was the point as that is what the game does to you.

I really had great expectations for this game, with my feet on the ground knowing the reality that it was a Freemium game, but still, all that waiting and planning on what resource to do and whatnot is just not worth it. I have even paid real money on Fremium games, I’m guilty of buying a small pack of gems of Clash of Clans or a hero pack on Injustice, I will never, ever think of putting one cent down for this game though.

Here are some screenshots of what you’ll be doing mostly when playing this game, and that is, waiting:

Don’t really recommend it

I normally end most of my posts by recommending you to play the game I reviewed by yourself, I have always thought that you need to make your own judgement when it comes to games, I always just give my honest opinion. With this game though, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, specially some that are as obsessed with the land of Westeros as I am. Don’t waste your time, it’s better if you read any of the 5 A Song of Ice and Fire books there are out there that are soon to be 6 or some of the other tales of George R.R. Martin or even those written by others that tell more about the origins of Westeros and so on.

So I’m sorry, but I won’t be telling you to play this one, it’s just not worth it.

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