Game of Thrones Chapter 2

Game of Thrones: A Telltale Game Series – Chapter 2 Review


We recently reviewed the first chapter or Telltale’s Game of Thrones. As this game has so much to offer and its story is so deep we wanted to review every single chapter of it instead of doing just one review for the whole game. So having cleared out chapter 1’s review we now embark on chapter 2.

At the end of the first chapter things weren’t looking so good for House Forrester, we had the not so good reunion with Ramsay Snow, who ended up young Lord Ethan Forrester only after a brief exchange of words. House Forrester’s future looks even more grim than before as there is no adequate lord to rule the house.

Game of Thrones Chapter 2

Let’s begin Chapter 2 of Telltale’s Game of Thrones

Asher joins the fight

A new characters joins the fight, we now start controlling Asher Forrester. Asher has exiled himself to Essos as he didn’t want to be part of House Forrester after a trouble that arose when he was getting involved in a relationship with the daughter of Lord Whitehill.

Asher Forrester

We’ll begin this chapter playing as Asher Forrester in Essos

Asher has made a name of himself as a hired sword and is very good at killing people. Alongside his companion Beskha they have traveled and fought all over the continent. They are now trying to land a very good bounty for the kidnap of a master of Yunkai, they are however double-crossed by a band of mercenaries called The Lost Legion, who attempt to murder them. Asher and Beskha barely manage to get out of the conflict as Malcom, Asher’s uncle arrives to help them. Malcolm explains that he was sent to Essos to get Asher, hire a band of sell-swords and go back to Westeros to fight for House Forrester, Asher agrees to this and they carry on to Mereen to get their personal army.

Here’s a video showing the first minutes of this chapter where we play as Asher:

Rodrik is back with a vengeance

As we cut back to Westeros we take control of nearly dead Rodrik Forrester, supposed to be dead, he is being carried in a wagon along with dead people from House Forrester that were killed in the Red Wedding. When our sentinel realizes he still alive they rush to save him and manage to do so.

Rodrik Forrester

Following Ethan’s death, Rodrik will have to take care of his house as the new Lord

Rodrick is not his old self though, his injuries leave him very weak and he is almost unable to walk. Regardless of this though, he is to take care of his house and asume the role of Lord that was intended for him a long time ago.

The biggest threat that Rodrik faces is the presence of Whitehill’s soldiers that were assigned to Ironkeep on Ramsay Snow’s orders. Even if he is not supposed to show defiance, he can’t simply let these soldiers do whatever they please.

Here’s a video where you start playing as Rodrik:

Mira will keep playing the game of thrones

Concentrating on the events on King’s landing we have to start playing a very dangerous game with Mira. We are constantly faced with deceit, lies and complicated plots in which we can’t help ourselves but to get involved.

Mira will create a plot that will look just too complicated for her to emerge victorious from in which she will join forces with Tyrion Lannister, who is just a wedding away from getting thrown into a black cell for regicide. Defy Margaery Tyrell, who she has sworn to obey and displease Queen Cersei, who is very well known for taking care of people that don’t please her.

At the end of the chapter, Mira will even get involved in the Murder of a Lannister Guard, a  coal boy will help her hide the body, but things aren’t promising for her and her future in King’s Landing.

House Forrester’s future looks grim

With all the events that occur on this chapter things don’t really look good for House Forrester. Rodrik is too weak to really asume the role of Lord properly and to command obedience in his house. Ryon is away in Lord Whitehill’s control and we can’t do much to get him back. Mira is getting herself involved in a web of lies and deceit that she is not going to easily get away from. Gared is all the way up in the Wall just hoping for a chance to venture out and see if the North Grove is real and our house has suffered the lost of 2 members already.

The character that at this points looks like the strongest link and is evolving to become the biggest hope of the house is Asher. But even him is not able to help much as he is currently in a whole different continent.

Things don’t really look good for the future of the house. But still we must carry on to chapter 3 and do our best to secure alliances and all. At least this chapter leaves us with the satisfaction that we are to wed Lady Elaena Glenmore and so securing their family alliance in the time to come.

Here’s a video where we can see how the events progress on this chapter that will mark what’s to happen in chapter 3 and on:

The Best Ending of All Chapters

The ending of chapter two leaves us with a bittersweet taste. Even if we made the best choices for our house, we still are plagued with a lot of problems that won’t be easily solved in the future and even as the chapter ends with a funeral, it is a very beautiful ending. Talia has prepared the song that her mother wanted her to sing at the funeral and after Rodrik says some final words to his dead Father and Brother she steps up to sing it.

Talia’s performance is superb, her voice is deep with emotion and purpose and her song is a strong one. She sings it as we cut to some scenes where we see Mira washing off the dead soldier’s blood and Asher traveling to Mereen and we finally cut back to Rodrik changing his face from one full of sorrow to a gaze full of anger and cravings for revenge. It is easy to be moved to tears and anger at the same time with this ending and you immediately want to jump to chapter 3.

Here’s a video of the chapter finale and the funeral:

We’ll continue these reviews that are now evolving to more of a plot telling post in our following post for chapter 3. We’ll be bringing it to you very soon.

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