Indie Game Recommendations

Rogue Legacy Logo

Rogue Legacy – Indie Game Recommendation


It’s been a while since I last posted an Indie Game Recommendation. I have in fact been playing several Indie Games lately, but I couldn’t decide if any of them was worth it of a post. That is until I found myself playing this game, Rogue Legacy, and not just playing it. But spending more […]

To The Moon Opening Screen

To The Moon – Indie Game Recommendation


After playing Papers, Please, I knew that I needed to look for another great Indie Game to live up to this one. And I sure found one, To The Moon was the next one in line and I liked it so much that I knew I had to recommend it to everyone. To The Moon is an […]

Papers Please Logo

Papers, Please – Indie Game Recommendation


My previous Indie Game Recommendation was for Audiosurf, an awesome rhythm /puzzle game that is sure to get you some good moments while you play it along with your favorite songs. I wanted however to bring you more than games to just spend some time with these Indie Game Recommendations, and this is why I […]

Audiosurf Ride Your Music

Audiosurf – Indie Game Recommendation


I have already written about Indie Games in the past, and I also did a Monthly Recommendation for a great Indie Game, Faster Than Light. This lead me to think that there a lot of Indie Games that I have greatly enjoyed and that I can openly recommend to anyone, and because of this I […]