About Us

My name is Aaron Torrez. I was born in Managua, Nicaragua in March 15th 1991.

I studied my junior high school and high school in a French school here in Nicaragua; thanks to this I have perfect knowledge in French. I also know English and Spanish, which is my mother tongue.

I went to college and got a major in Business Administration with a minor in Strategic Management.

I started developing my work experience at the age of 17 when I started working in a call center. I kept working in this industry for 3 years and I am currently working as an account supervisor in an online marketing agency that specializes in Google AdWords, I have been in this company for a little more than a year now.

Picture of Aaron Torrez in his office.

The photo taken for my company’s profile.

But none of the above is, what I really want to tell you about me in this page. What I really want you to know about me is the following:

I am a computer enthusiast, nerd, geek, science fiction fan, movie lover, but more importantly a passionate gamer.

I can easily say that, In my lifetime, I have played and finished at least a thousand games (or at least an amount close to this), all between different consoles and platforms.

I enjoy almost any type of games or anything that has to do with gaming. From movies related to games, T.V series based on games, books or comics based on games or pretty much anything else.

This is what led me to found Tiempocio. It will serve mostly as a video games blog and tourism blog. In it I wanted to share my gaming experiences, ideas, opinions, issues, findings and other things that I have found not many people talk about. When I say this I mean that most gaming sites have news for incoming games, reviews for newly released games and basically information about what is trending. But not many talk about real gaming experiences, how to solve common issues with some games or they just simply publish information that is biased by sponsorship or advertising by gaming companies or developers.

Gaming, more specifically PC gaming, will be the main topic in this site. But I also wanted to touch other points in this website. In it I will also publish what I will like to call “guides” for either local or foreign tourists in my country. This is because traveling is the third thing that I like to do most in my free time. The first is being with my girlfriend, the second is playing video games and the third is the aforementioned.

For this second “Main Topic,” that I will cover in this site, I will have the help of my beautiful girlfriend, Jenny Lemus. She is the one that travels with me, and more importantly the camera that I use for the pictures is hers :p

Aaron Torrez and Jenny Lemus

A picture of my girlfriend and me.

And that is pretty much all you need to know about us, is you will like to know more about what this site is really all about please check my opening post for it.