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Game of Thrones: A Telltale Game Series – Reseña del Primer Capitulo


Como prometimos, hemos hecho reseñas de todos los Video Juegos que toman el universo de A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones para sus tramas. Guardamos lo mejor para el final y ahora te traemos una reseña de Game of Thrones: A Telltale Game Series, o mas específicamente una reseña del primer capitulo de este juego.

Este juego salio en Diciembre del 2014, como es una serie de juego por episodios, esta fecha fue en la que salio el primer capitulo del juego, que sera del que estaremos hablando en este articulo. Este juego fue desarrollado y publicado por Telltale Games, quienes tuvieron apoyo completo de HBO y George R.R Martin para asegurarse que el juego fuera fiel a la historia de Game of Thrones. Este juego esta basado en la serie de television, no en los libros.

El juego consta de 6 episodios en los cuales se divide la historia. Todas las acciones que tomes y las decisiones que hagas harán que la historia se adapte y cambie en los siguientes capítulos, así que sobre lo que yo te hable o la experiencia que yo tuve puede ser completamente diferente de lo que veas cuando tu juegues el juego. Ahora, viendo cuantos capítulos tiene el juego y acordándome de otros artículos de juegos de Telltale como The Walking Dead – Temporada 1 & Temporada 2. Se me hizo difícil hacer 1 solo articulo sobre este juego, asi que decidió hacer artículos para cada capitulo respectivamente ya que todos se merecían su propia reseña.

Obviamente teníamos que comenzar por el primer capitulo y revisarlo por complete. Como cubriremos toda la historia de este capitulo y luego del juego, que esto sirva como advertencia que este articulo estará lleno de información clave del juego y del show que arruinara muchas sorpresas si no has visto la serie mas allá de la tercera temporada, mas específicamente del episodio 9 de esta misma ya que en este mismo lugar en el tiempo es que el primer capitulo comienza.

Así que, sin mas preámbulo, hablemos del primer capitulo de Game of Thrones: A Telltale Game Series.


Your Choices will Decide the Fate of House Forrester

Like other games done by Telltale, this game will have different choice trees that will make you take different paths towards the goal of preserving your house. From the very start of the game you will start making decisions of what type of attitude you want your character to have and how he interacts with other non-playable characters. These early choices will even decide if some of these NPCs live to appear in following chapters or not.

You can assume that your choices will be hard and that will even implicate whether some characters die or not. Remember that this is Game of Thrones after all and that All Men Must Die, “Valar Morghulis”.

With every choice you have to keep in mind that the objective of all the characters that you get to control is to preserve the integrity of House Forrester and to ensure their future, so bear this in mind with all the choices you make.

Ironrath House Forrester

Your choices have to be made with the preservation of your house and your seat in mind.

Another Great Series from Telltale

The people at Telltale really have a great talent to make good stories that will keep you at the edge of your seat and that will make you second-doubt most of your decisions throughout the game just wondering what could have happened if you took different actions. For this reason they were really a great choice for a developer to make a game that really made you experience what it was to be part of warring Westeros.

You would think that because of the cell-shaded style of the game that most of its characters and locations are not going to be properly represented but that is not the case, you can really appreciate every detail that was placed in the design of characters and locations, from the Wall to the gardens in King’s Landing you can see all the little details that really represent these places and from the scars in some characters faces to the different attires they wear throughout the game you can also see the effort that was placed in character design.

The game plays like others in the series, it is a point-and-click adventure game where they will be little exploring as the game focuses on the story and the decision making factors of the same. Here’s a video of the first minutes of the game so you can see how it looks and plays:

Take the Role of the Members of House Forrester:

As mentioned before you will take the role of different members of House Forrester, they will be living in different places and not interacting directly with each other but they all have the same interests in mind, to help save their house. These are the characters that you can play as in this game.

  • Gared Tuttle

Gared is the squire of the Lord of the House, Gregor. He is in great favor of the lord and gets promoted from a squire to be able to fight in the war and eventually become a knight. Problem is that this promotion takes place in the same night as the Red Wedding, so Gared will have to take a different path, from the one Lord Gregor intended and will end up getting taken to the Wall to serve the Night’s Watch. Here’s a video of how Gared’s story unfolds:

  • Ethan Forrester

Ethan is merely a kid, but he is forced to become Lord of House Forrester as both his father and elder brother are presumed dead. He has a lot to learn if he is to become a true Lord but will have the help of Maester Ortegryn, his castellan Duncan Tuttle and his Master at Arms Royland Degore. Hopefully the decisions you take will bear a good future for the young Lord Ethan.

Ethan Forrester

Taking Lordship of his house will prove to be a challenging task for little Ethan Forrester.

  • Mira Forrester

Last but certainly not least you will also play as Mira Forrester, who is at King’s Landing serving as Handmaiden to the future Queen of Westeros, Margaery Tyrell. Mira will start a series of events that will make her conspire, lie and deceive to get favors for her house. It will be your decisions that will either have Mira devoured by King’s Landing or make her a true player of the Game of Thrones.

Mira Forrester

Mira will have to learn by herself the true nest of vipers that King’s Landing is.

Here is a video of how the plot of these characters unfolds and how everything progresses towards the last instance of the first chapter:

Playing the Game of Thrones Will be Harder than Expected

As Cersei Lannister said “When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground.” You will see this is true and that this game is not an easy one to play, if it was Ned Stark would still be alive and Robb Stark would have been really given the title of King of the North.

Regardless, you won’t have a choice but to take actions in hopes of being able to win in the game of thrones. Unfortunately Cersei was saying the truth when she said that you die if you don’t win and you’ll have to experience this yourself. Here’s a video of the chapter finale where you will see what I mean by this:

Play it for Yourself

Truth be told I already showed you plenty of spoilers, but that is just the end of chapter 1 and your chapter 1 can be very different from mine depending on your choices. Also there are still 5 more chapters that you can play yourself and make your own story of House Forrester, so go and try the game out. You can find it on Telltale’s website, Steam and Gamer’s gate to name a few places.

We will soon be posting our review of chapter 2 as well, so expect this to happen soon.

Thanks for reading,